Thursday, September 1, 2011

I.T. show BB 9700

shift starts: 9AM
shifts end: 6PM

after work i go directly to suntec convention center to see the i.t. show.
all the people walking along, have bought something from the show.
as i reached the place, it was so crowded and there were people going here and there
all the electronic products were everywhere. from laptop to tv's, camera to video cam. cellpone and ipad. You name it and you have it.

as i look around on each stall, different gadgets to prices and offers.

i went insdie the Singtel booth and was checking around Blackberry.
coz im really obsessed on it. at the same time there was some auction going on as part of their promo.

I was really waiting for a blackberry auction to see weather if there was any good deals. a few auctions has been made. but stil no sign for BB. so i decided to leave the place. as i walk towards the door. the next phone for auction was about to be announced. then before i reach the doorsteps. Blackberry was announced. So I immediately turn my back and went to the crowd place where the auction is being held.
the auction started for the amount of $160, and it goes up as people give their bids.
it reached around $230 when i decided to bid for 240. then other people still bid.
then i tried to bid for one more. then host said. "going once, going twice", thn fortunately, I got the BID.. so i got the BB 9700

i got the phone for $358. brand new and no contract.
I was so happy, coz i know this is a best buy.
actually i have no idea how it looks like idont even know whats the color. coz they have only shown the box.

As i open the box. i was really suprised. coz i was expecting black color. but i was wrong., it was a white BB and that was i'm aiming for and thats really made me very happy. so I went back with a good smile on my face.

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